Oakfish story started in 2014

Oakfish was founded by Brian and Lisa Provost in 2014. Over Brian’s career he has been able to lead and sell various technology companies around the Minneapolis area. The Provost’s strongly believe in giving back to the community. Sharing a portion of the proceeds of the Provost’s business success was one of the ways they wanted to honor God’s blessings and to give to their community. The creation of The Oakfish Foundation provided them a way to make their giving more intentional and meaningful.


The name ‘Oakfish’ is symbolic to the Provost’s and provides insight into where they feel lead to give.

‘Oak’ in reference to an Oak tree. Oak trees are revered for their deep strong roots that create a strong foundation and are used for shelter in a storm. Similarly, Oakfish grants are provided to nonprofits that provide foundational living support to meet the immediate needs of those who need it, typically through disaster relief and rehabilitation programs.

‘Fish’ coming from the principle of “teach a person to fish” – give a person a fish and they will have food for one day, but if you teach a person to fish they will have food for life. They place a large emphasis on giving to nonprofits that embrace educating individuals and communities, whether skill based or academic. The word ‘fish’ also serves a second purpose as it is an icon in the Christian faith that symbolizes God’s ability to multiple and His mercy. Oakfish partners with nonprofits that often have Christian roots and are able to impact many with the gifts and skills they are given.

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Oakfish invests in ethics, values and character formation, with the goal of supporting the efforts of those who are successfully making a difference in people’s lives and to help build the communities in which we live. Learn More

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